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Investment Strategy

Strategic focus on international real estate business


Union Investment Real Estate GmbH invests primarily in commercial property in the service and retail sectors. Risk is minimised by pursuing a careful policy of diversification in terms of property types, uses, tenants and lease lengths, and investing across various countries, regions, locations and industries. The Union Investment Real Estate GmbH funds’ property holdings therefore include office and business premises, as well as hotels, business parks, shopping centres and CityQuartier/StadtQuartier developments

When making investments Union Investment Real Estate GmbH focuses on prime, sought-after sites in locations with development potential: major cities in Germany and in Europe, and selected regions outside Europe. Besides acquiring properties directly, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH has a stake in a number of property companies.
The fund portfolios are reviewed on an ongoing basis in line with market requirements and trends. This process also includes modernising and restructuring properties.


Focus of investment on the European core markets



Since 2002 in particular, Union Investment has greatly expanded its investment reach, entering more than 20 new national markets and adding countries such as Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia to the more traditional locations. This significant exposure to international markets is reflected in the broad regional diversification of the property portfolio. Around 55% of real estate assets are now located outside Germany, divided between 18 European markets, two markets in North and Central America and three markets in Asia / Pacific. Our property holdings are currently diversified across 23 national markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia. In international markets, Union Investment operates through its own specialist teams, local offices in Paris, Madrid, New York and Singapore, and a growing network of strategic partners.


Geographic distribution of real estate assets


Information current at: December 2012
Updated:10 June 2013




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