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    The Open-Ended Real Estate Investment Fund is a unique form of investment product "made in Germany" to provide "equal opportunity for all in all investment markets".

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    Indirect property assets are becoming increasingly popular with institutional investors. The reasons for this growing demand include higher yields, improved diversification, more efficient management and optimized exposure to national and international markets.


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investable hotel market

How big is the institutional hotel market?

 - Union Investment and bulwiengesa establish size of investable hotel market
 - 9% of market value traded in Germany in 2015

The size of the investable hotel market in Germany is now a known quantity. Union Investment Real Estate and bulwiengesa have developed a new market value model which can be used to calculate the monetary size of the investable hotel room market.


K2 Dolce Luxembourg


Union Investment and UBS agree first green lease in Luxembourg
Union Investment and its tenant UBS (Luxembourg) S.A. have signed a green lease for 2,280 sq m of office space in the K2 Dolce property at Kirchberg in Luxembourg. The contract largely follows the recommended clauses and actions for sustainable building use developed by Union Investment and five other real estate companies and published in 2015 under the title “Green Lease Agreements”.

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    Walking the tightrope
    Real estate investors seeking the right balance between caution and necessary risk-taking: Options for investment in real estate in Europe are shrinking, while the risk of misallocating capital is rising as new money continues to pour in. Investing is thus a balancing act in which the capital side has become a decisive factor. By more actively managing liquidity and constantly balancing lower returns against higher risk, property investors in Europe are attempting to solve the dilemma caused by high levels of available liquidity. Those are the findings of the latest property investment climate study carried out by Union Investment twice a year, which this time involved a representative survey of 161 professional property investors in Germany, France and the UK.

  • 2000 McKinney Dallas


    Union Investment acquires 2000 McKinney Avenue in the Uptown district of Dallas, Texas
    Acquisitions in the US year to date reach almost USD 1 billion Union Investment has purchased 2000 McKinney Avenue, a 20-storey office property offering around 448.000 square feet of space, located in the dynamic Uptown district of Dallas for its open-ended real estate fund Unilmmo: Global. Constructed in 2008, the 2000 McKinney building fronts Klyde Warren Park and is 98 percent let. The largest tenants include Texas Capital Bank, which occupies 31.5 percent of the space, and the global law firm Dentons. Overall the property is let to a broad mix of financial and legal tenants and other service providers.


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