Hotel real estate - a strong asset class

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH is one of Europe’s leading property investment management companies. Union Investment Real Estate’s property portfolio currently includes 53 hotels and 7 projects with over 16.709 rooms, valued at around 3.4 billion euros. Across all funds this amounts to some 10 % of total holdings.

Union Investment Real Estate has been active in this area since 1971 and is one of the German real estate fund managers to have invested most heavily in the hotel sector.

Our investment focus is on high-end business hotels (2+ to 5-star segment) with a minimum of 120 rooms in 21 or international business cities. We are also interested in locations near trade show venues and with good infrastructural links to international airports and motorways.


Hotel portfolio* real estate assets by region

A unique team of real estate and hospitality professionals is responsible for transactions and ensuring process compliance.

We intend to continue increasing the proportion of our European and American positions, so that in future we invest the same amount inside and outside Germany. This Investment activity will cover a broad spectrum of hotels, from modern concepts in the budget and mid-range category to the classic four- to five-star Segment.



Union Investment Real Estate GmbH

Andreas Löcher
Head of Division
Investment Management Hotel

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Geographical distribution of our Hotel portfolio

Geographic distribution of our hotel portfolio
Geographical distribution of our Hotel portfolio

* In the case of mixed-use properties the hotel’s proportionate value has been calculatedand
** including projects (value according to valuation on acquisition)

Valuation in € m: 129.0
Properties: 2

Valuation in € m: 164.1
Properties: 2

Valuation in € m: 172.4
Properties: 3

Valuation in € m: 114.1
Properties: 2

Valuation in € m: 1,908.1*/**
Properties: 38
Valuation in € m: 146.**
Properties: 4

Valuation in € m: 99.2
Properties: 5
Valuation in € m: 39.6
Properties: 1

Valuation in € m: 655.1
Properties: 3

Current: 31.12.2016


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Fax:  +49 40 34919 – 4191