Investment Criteria

Union Investment real estate investment criteria

Volume of investment:

  • Special funds: EUR 10 – 50 million
  • Retail funds: EUR 30 – 150 million

(more in exceptional circumstances in each case)


All properties must offer a net initial return of at least 5.0%; exception: outstanding prime locations

Type of transaction:

Asset deals (preferred) and share deals


Self-funded (100%); borrowing may be used for tax efficiency purposes


Union Investment focuses on investing in office properties, shopping centres and business hotels. In line with our fund diversification strategy, we also invest in logistics properties. Acquiring early-stage development projects via forward funding structures is an established part of our investment strategy alongside buying existing properties.


Please send your objects with detailed synopses and exact location details to Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, Valentinskamp 70 / EMPORIO, D-20355 Hamburg.



Overview by property type


  • Established locations in large and mid-sized cities (business district, city centre)
  • Not necessarily fully let
  • Existing properties and development projects
  • Mostly properties let on long leases with stable cash flow and / or strong value appreciation potential
  • Properties let on medium-term leases that benefit from market opportunities
  • Older properties if configuration and quality meet modern needs
  • Sale-and-leaseback properties, especially established management locations (headquarters) let on long leases (with possible agreement of a buy-back option)




  • Conventional shopping malls (existing and projects)
  • Shopping centres with good quality tenants
  • Retail parks with excellent location andminimum size of 10,000 sq m
  • Urban retail properties that include office space (e.g. department stores, shopping arcades, properties on main shopping streets)
  • Catchment area of at least 300,000 people, plus minimum shopping centre size of 20,000 sqm and 50 stores
  • Professional centre management by experienced centre managers




  • Single assets with an investment volume > EUR 20 million
  • Business hotels in business districts / city centres,airport hotels, hotels near trade show venues
  • 2 – 5 star segment
  • Only national and international operators or franchisees with excellent financial standing
  • Leases may include variable elements




  • Multifunctional warehouse space
  • No specialist properties (e.g. high bay warehouse or hazardous goods warehouse)
  • Established logistics markets
  • Medium and long-term leases
  • Suitable for a variety of uses and users
  • Excellent location at a major logistics hub (preferably in close proximity to an international airport or seaport)




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