A 1960s-style happening – celebrating the start of our 2015 anniversary year

Inspired by the slogan “Marking milestones together”, staff from Union Investment's real estate segment experienced a fast and furious journey through time at the launch event on 12 February 2015. Assembled on the 23rd floor of EMPORIO, they started by going back to 1965, when it all began.

Many of the 320 employees took up the challenge of dressing in 1960s-style fashion for the occasion. Their wild flower-power patterns, beehive hairdos and colourful John Lennon glasses were strong visual reminders of an innovative era. Together with music from the decade and in-theme decorations, the result was an authentic 1960s happening – an experience which proved contagious and is sure to be remembered for long to come.

Past success and future prospects

The dynamic success story of Union Investment’s real estate business was relived milestone by milestone during the evening, with employees able to add their own personal milestones. Future objectives and aspirations were also included in a vibrant artwork. An illustrator/graphic recorder was on hand to create a corresponding timeline live on stage. The four metre long artwork is now on display in the EMPORIO reception area, allowing Union Investment's visitors and business partners to retrace the company’s eventful journey through time.

The happening was all about people coming together, sharing their experience and gaining valuable insights for future projects. Key players who helped to make Union Investment one of Europe’s leading investment managers and continue to guide its development today also attended, providing behind-the-scenes information and describing pivotal moments in the company's history.

Dr. Kutscher
Dr. Kutscher

“Visions backed by the ability to deliver.”

Those are the words of Jürgen Ehrlich, one of the original management board members of CO-OP Immobilien-Fonds Verwaltungs AG, DIFA’s predecessor, referring to the early days of open-ended real estate funds in Germany. He had a long and distinguished association with the company. Horst Höger, who was instrumental in embedding open-ended real estate funds within the cooperative financial services network, thereby giving them the same status as the other funds offered by the Union Investment Group, also shared some fascinating insights, particularly regarding sales and marketing. Hans Joachim Reinke, Chairman of the Management Board of Union Asset Management Holding since 2010, and Dr. Reinhard Kutscher, Managing Director of the Management Board of Union Investment Real Estate GmbH since 2009, greeted the guests and highlighted the exciting opportunities associated with increased involvement in the Americas and Asia Pacific going forward. The strategic direction was summed up as: “More international. More institutional. More professional.” A dominant theme of the evening was “the power to embrace change”. Thanks to its ability to adapt and evolve, Union Investment has successfully maintained its position in changing markets and emerged from challenging periods as a stronger player. After looking back, the focus thus switched to the future – to a vision which inspires us to redouble our efforts and achieve new milestones in the future.