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We take a forward-looking approach to investment

Union Investment stands for forward-looking real estate investment worldwide. Our business model is based on the strong foundation of over 50 years of real estate expertise. As an equity-rich investor with expert knowledge of real estate asset management, we offer our customers and business partners outstanding reliability – and the prospect of shared growth.

Active opportunity and risk management

We provide our investors with a stable and effective platform that combines strong property acquisition performance with a value-oriented asset management Approach.

Operating in a highly competitive environment, Union Investment’s transaction expertise allows it to secure properties that offer steady, sustainable income. Whether acquiring development projects, negotiating high-value transactions or entering into complex international joint venture deals, all our investments are safeguarded by active risk management. An increased international focus creates an additional basis for high fund returns.

Union Investment’s comprehensive opportunity and risk management also provides institutional investors with effective support around investment decisions, portfolio management and regulatory matters.

493 properties worldwide
56.8 bn. € assets under management
487 employees worlwide
9 number of locations

Creating value throughout the property lifecycle

By leveraging our comprehensive real estate expertise, we create and add value for our investors throughout all phases of the property lifecycle: from research and fund management, real estate acquisition, professional development projects, upgrading of existing holdings, active property management and letting through to the disposal of property Holdings.

Your contacts at a glance

Are you looking for a contact for real estate investment, for leasing office space, for institutional real estate solutions or for your press enquiries? Find the information you need quickly with this overview of key contacts.

Real estate acquisitions and sales

Real estate acquisitions and sales

Would you like to get in touch with our investment experts in Germany, Europe, America or Asia-Pacific? Our teams look forward to hearing from you.

Lettings and tenant servicing

Lettings and tenant servicing

Want to ask us something as an owner or landlord? Would you like to rent space in our properties? We will be happy to help.

Service KVG Gruppe

Institutional real estate solutions

Are you an institutional investor interested in our tailored real estate solutions? Then you've come to the right place.

Press enquiries

Press enquiries

Are you looking for facts and figures on our real estate business, a short statement or an expert to interview? We will be happy to help you with your Research.


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