Our acquisition criteria for real estate properties

Our intention is to boost our real estate portfolio: We have clear criteria for the acquisition of office, retail, hotel, logistics and residential properties. The expertise around buying and selling properties is brought together in  specialized investment management teams.

Astro Tower, Brüssel

Office properties

The bulk of our portfolio is made up of office real estate. We engage in both small-scale and high-value transactions.

65 East Oak Street, Chicago

Retail properties

In Europe and overseas, we focus on the entire spectrum of retail properties: from retail/commercial properties and shopping centres through to retail parks.

Radisson Blu, Amsterdam

Hotel properties

We have steadily increased the proportion of hotels in our portfolio in recent years. Today, we are one of the most active hotel investors worldwide, both in Europe and overseas.

West Anseong Logistics Center, South Korea

Logistics properties

For many of our funds, logistics properties represent an attractive addition to the portfolio. We look out for long-term leases and good alternative use potential.

Newtown Gardens, Blackrock

Residential property

We have begun to strategically develop our capabilities in the area of residential real estate. To create the right conditions for future growth, this strategy includes establishing long-term alliances with strong residential specialists.