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    An emerging asset class: Micro-Living

Micro-living – here to stay

Socio-demographic changes and increasingly flexible employment conditions are reflected more strongly in the emerging micro-living asset class than in virtually any other housing trend.

Rather than being a passing phenomenon, temporary living is a response to growing flexibility in the worlds of work and education. The groups affected include not only young professionals and students, but also long-distance commuters and project-based staff, such as international specialists. We are active in the micro-living sector with its student apartments and micro-apartments in order to harness these opportunities, investing both in existing properties and in selected development projects in urban locations.
This market is so important to us that we have created a dedicated team of experts comprising investment managers, asset managers, portfolio managers and fund managers. In addition, we continue to develop our knowledge. This includes producing detailed studies in association with bulwiengesa, which you can order from us.

Our micro-living investment criteria

Small-scale living in urban locations

Please see below for the markets we are looking to invest in.
Got something that might interest us? Please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Country criteria

Fokusmärkte Micro Living
  • Main location: Germany
  • Focus locations: Austria, Netherlands, France, Ireland
  • Additional countries: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland

Location criteria

  • Macro-location: Buoyant urban centres within economically strong European metropolitan areas; university towns
  • Micro-location: City-centre locations, good public transport connections, good infrastructure (e.g. local amenities and leisure facilities) and/or proximity to universities

Property criteria

  • Property types: Student and micro apartment complexes with or without operator concepts and master leases, with commercial concepts (e.g. serviced apartments/aparthotels) also possible, individual investments from approximately EUR 15 million
  • Property structure: Standardised complexes, small residential units, furnished + own bathroom and kitchen, communal and service areas for use by tenants, and co-living concepts
  • Type of use: Residential use for short and medium-term lets (approx. 6 months to a few years) for the target groups young professionals, commuters, students as well as young households or long-term serviced apartments/aparthotels

New Student Housing Study 2019

Münster beats Amsterdam – where are the best investment prospects for student housing?
Study Student Housing

The study focuses on the student housing sector in 61 German cities and four other major European cities. It identifies the cities where conditions are particularly favourable for development and investment, as well as those where market demand appears to be already fully met.

Order the study here!

Our offering for institutional investors

Urban Living Nr. 1 – special fund focusing on micro-living

Launched in April 2017, this special fund focuses exclusively on the fast-growing micro-living asset class, offering an attractive risk/return profile for institutional investment. The fund invests in newer existing properties and in selected development projects in Germany and other European countries.

If you have any questions about this special fund or about other investment options, please contact Bastian Pütz.

Selected Urban Living Nr. 1 properties:

  • Berlin, Living House

    Co-living concept Living House Berlin
    The unique feature of this property is its comprehensive digitisation: the REOS (Real Estate Operating System) platform allows digital implementation of all relevant processes, from building and tenant management to Administration.

  • Graz_Milestone

    Milestone Graz – a modern micro apartment complex for students in Graz, Austria
    Consisting of 378 residential units, this micro apartment complex is let on a long-term lease to Milestone, one of the most experienced providers of private student accommodation in Austria. It offers high-spec fittings and furnishings which have been carefully selected to make efficient use of space, with a strict focus on single Apartments.

How to contact us

Do you have an investment opportunity that might interest us? Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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