Investing in property

Our real estate funds and real estate solutions

We combine the strong capital market expertise of the Union Investment Group with over 50 years of real estate experience and excellent knowledge of the real estate markets in Europe and beyond. Our portfolio management style is active and value driven. Many thousands of private investors benefit from this approach via our open-ended real estate funds, as do the banks, insurance companies, pension schemes and industrial companies which invest their money with us in broadly diversified funds and also in individually tailored real estate solutions. Welcome to Union Investment.

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Getting started: Successful property investment

There are many ways of investing in property: directly, by buying real estate, or indirectly, for example through open-ended real estate funds like those offered by Union Investment. Compared to other forms of indirect property investment, open-ended real estate funds offer even greater risk diversification.

Fonds für Privatkunden

Funds for private investors

Our open-ended real estate funds provide private investors with the opportunity to invest in broadly diversified portfolios that are actively managed by Union Investment, even where only modest amounts are available. Our funds have a wide range of regional focuses and risk/return profiles.

Solutions for institutional investors

Solutions for institutional investors

Institutional investors face specific challenges and expect products to be tailored to their individual needs. Alongside a range of different solutions, our customers also benefit from our in-depth expertise and management skills in the various real estate markets.