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Renewable energy is a thriving market with huge growth potential. Solar and wind power in particular stand out because they are proven technologies with growing market potential worldwide.

As one of the largest asset managers in Germany, Union Investment has offered institutional investors innovative investment solutions in this segment since 2012 as part of a reliable partnership.

Investors benefit from the following factors:

  • The use of wind power is on the rise worldwide. Turbines are becoming ever more effective and their energy efficiency is improving. Depending on location and performance potential, wind farms start making a positive energy contribution within two to six months.
  • Solar power is also widely used around the world. This technology harnesses the virtually unlimited energy of the sun. The systems require relatively little maintenance.
  • As early as 2020, the cost of producing solar electricity will match that of the conventional electricity mix. Accordingly, this technology will be fully competitive within just a few years and subsidies will no longer be required.

  • Union Investment's special fund for infrastructure is therefore currently focused on onshore wind farms and solar parks.
  • The expert team at Union Investment always remains fully updated, both on the international markets and with regard to the latest technologies and developments in renewable energy.
  • By investing in renewable energy via fund solutions with clear investment limits and a transparent cost structure, risk is diversified and reduced compared to direct Investment.
  • Infrastructure special funds provide investors with valuable opportunities in the current low interest rate climate.

Our specialists for renewable energy

Our specialists for renewable energy
  • Timm Greinig (Portfolio Manager, renewable energy)
  • Carsten Thiel (Fund Manager of the renewable energy funds)
  • Martin Gromus (Investment Manager, renewable energy)

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