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In good hands with Union Investment

Leases are usually long-term. Tenants normally commit themselves to a location, and often to a particular property, which becomes a key factor in their economic success. We want our rental partners to feel well taken care of, for which we bring 50 years of experience in managing commercial property and caring for tenants.

What you can expect from us

Union Investment’s real estate portfolio currently encompasses more than 400 properties. Our properties are at the top of their markets. But without understanding local circumstances and tenant habits, even top properties at top locations can’t be competitive. Our team of rental experts and asset managers therefore works on location, assisted by big-name, powerful partners. That’s how we ensure long-term, balanced collaboration with our tenants. Here are the benefits:

  • Years of experience in managing properties and tenants
  • Large selection of top properties worldwide
  • Professionally managed maintenance and conversion work
  • Direct contact and balanced collaboration
  • A flexible approach to change requests
  • We work together with dependable property and centre management partners

Do you have questions regarding our assets or rental offers?

Then please contact our team
  • Sven Lintl
    Sven Lintl, Head of Asset Management Germany
  • Cathrin Schwartz
    Cathrin Schwartz, Head of Asset Management Europe
  • Ulrich Dischler
    Ulrich Dischler, Head of Asset Management Overseas
  • Lars Richter
    Lars Richter, Head of Asset Management Retail
  • Martin Schaller
    Martin Schaller, Head of Asset Management Hospitality

Our real estate portfolio in figures



94.6 % overall occupancy rate based on rental income
57.9 % proportion of certified properties
442 properties worldwide
10,655 tenants worldwide
9.5 mn. sq m total usable space across all properties
275,921 sq m new lettings in 2021