UniImmo: Wohnen ZBI
6 September 2018

Union Investment/ZBI residential fund for private customers continues to acquire properties and grow

Around 750 units added to UniImmo: Wohnen ZBI / Real estate portfolio expanded to EUR 882 million

Open-ended real estate fund UniImmo: Wohnen ZBI has grown by around 750 units with a total value of EUR 82.3 million over the past three months. Roughly one year after launch the fund thus comprises property assets worth EUR 882 million. With a total fund value of EUR 962 million, it is continuing to extend its leading position among open-ended residential funds for private investors in Germany. The bulk of the newly acquired properties are accounted for by three portfolios. At around 380 units, a portfolio focusing on Hanover makes up more than half of the new acquisitions. Another portfolio with over 150 units is located on Wiener Straße in Dresden, near the Großer Garten park – the largest green space in Saxony’s capital. A third portfolio comprising some 170 units is split across the two Ruhr cities of Essen and Dortmund.

UniImmo: Wohnen ZBI was launched jointly by Union Investment and ZBI in July 2017. It focuses on properties that offer affordable living space for the wider population, with medium to high amenity value. Geographically, the fund is open to investment opportunities throughout Germany. Its current holdings include a total of some 13,300 units across 13 federal states.

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