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places and spaces

For 20 years, our property magazine has combined high-quality property journalism with Union Investment’s expertise. You will find issues from 2006 on in our archive.



Would you like to know more about our real estate activities? Our brochures give you a summary of our investment strategy - with an introduction to all our team members.

Brochures and books

Would you like to know more about our real estate activities? Our brochures give you a summary of our investment strategy and asset management approach – with an introduction to all our team members.

Investment Management

Investment Management Brochures

Leveraging our strengths in the DACH region. We know how.

Leveraging our strengths in the DACH region. We know how.

Investment Management Europe
Leveraging pan-European investment diversity. We know how.

Leveraging pan-European investment diversity. We know how.

Investment Management Europe 2
Seizing investment opportunities in the Americas. We know how.

Seizing investment opportunities in the Americas. We know how.

Investment Management Americas
Seizing investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. We know how.

Seizing investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. We know how.

Investment Management Asia-Pacific
Delivering successful retail investment. We know how.

Delivering successful retail investment. We know how.

Investment Management Retail
Implementing innovative hotel solutions. We know how.

Implementing innovative hotel solutions. We know how.

Investment Management Hospitality
Sharing the rewards of forward-looking investment.

Sharing the rewards of forward-looking investment.

Our blueprint for successful real estate investment.


Title atmosphere

atmosphere - Helping buildings to go green and thrive.

The first Edition of this brochure describes the sustainable side of property management.


Sustainability - An Emerging Movement in the European Real Estate Sector.

Sustainability - An Emerging Movement in the European Real Estate Sector.

An assessment based on the Prime Property Award 2007- 2012.

places and spaces

For 20 years, our property magazine has combined high-quality property journalism with Union Investment’s expertise. You will find issues from 2006 on in our archive.


places and spaces from 2021

places and spaces No 02/2021

places and spaces No 02/2021

Post-Covid strategies:
Europe’s real estate markets are returning to growth
Value add
: Upgrading office buildings for the post-Covid world
Residential market: European living style attracts investors

Genrational mix:
Next Gen will drive growth
places and spaces 1/2021

places and spaces No 01/2021

The new cross-over
New symbiotic spaces are emerging
in city centres. What are the opportunities for investors?
Growth strategy
: Interview with CEO Dr. Michael Bütter
Whither now: All change for retail and hotels

Buildings as valuable raw material depots


places and spaces from 2020

places and spaces 2/2020

places and spaces No 02/2020

Searching for stability: The uncertain market environment is forcing
investors to adjust their strategies
Safety first: Real estate investors favour domestic markets
Back to the office: Use of space is under scrutiny
Green deal: Real estate industry embraces ESG
places and spaces 01/2020

places and spaces No 01/2020

Big in Europe: Europe's appeal on Investors continues to be high and keeps raising the stakes
Retail properties: Good deals with structurally strong retail properties
Hospitality: Crowd-puller in mixed-use developments
Digital ecosystems: Platform with potential for inventory management



places and spaces from 2019

places&spaces 02/2019

places and spaces No 02/2019

Investing smartly: Short supply, falling yields and high pressure on capital – how real estate investors meet the challenges and take advantage of new opportunities - Logistics properties: High capacity utilization drives rental growth - Data protection: Security concepts for digital Networking - Risk Management: Benchmark Approach includes market liquidity

places&spaces 01/2019

places&spaces No 01/2019

Top-class assets:Core properties remain in short supply – late-cycle strategies used by smart investors - Retail properties: Sustainable strategies for the future - Hotel industry: Ambitious markets - Digital twin: Data management for properties



Places & spaces  from 2018

places&spaces 02/2018

places&spaces No 02/2018

Value-add:Attractive opportunity-Retail parks:Profitable retail segment-Coworking:Flexible operator concepts-The return of the Netherlands:Economic upswing, quality of life and creative work environments are putting the Netherlands back on the map for real estate investors
places&spaces 01/2018

places&spaces No 01/2018

Many deals to close: Germany’s real estate markets are attracting investors from all over the world. Which regions and asset classes are particularly appealing? - Britain: London and Brexit - Risk management: Safely navigating in real estate - Artificial intelligence: Prospects for the real estate industry


Places & spaces  from 2017

places&spaces No 02/2017

places&spaces No 02/2017

France's growing real estate markets: The economic figures make Paris and many regional cities appealing for international investors - Logistics properties: Investment opportunities along the supply chain - Blockchain: Technologies with tremendous potential for change - Micro Living: Temporary living is becoming an asset class
places&spaces 01/2017

places&spaces No 01/2017

Hotels: the new asset stars.They are popular all over the world since tourism and properties are booming. The hotel concepts that hold the greatest promise - Secondary Cities: Where investors see opportunities in the US office market - Digitalisation: How PropTechs and the real estate industry are getting together - Portfolio strategy: What property professionals expect from the Extended market cycle


Places & spaces from 2016

places&spaces 02/2016

places&spaces No 02/2016

Risk management: Real estate funds respond to the glut of liquidity Office worlds: New spaces for creative thinkers Mexico: An attractive place for investors Dynamic Structures: Digitalisation is changing how spaces are used Investors view innovative retail as a good opportunity
places&spaces 01/2016

places&spaces No 01/2016

Urban Universe: Investors are also fascinated by buildings that combine many urban uses under one roof - Observe Why real estate experts aren’t expecting a market downturn yet - Evaluate Why investors in Poland are interested in more than just Warsaw - Meet: How hotels surprise their guests with new worlds of experience


Places & spaces from 2015

RAUM&mehr 02/2015

places&spaces No 02/2015

Show of strength Berlin’s office market is picking up – and is benefiting from the German capital’s increasing economic power - The Emerald Isle is recovering Ireland has overcome the crisis that sent its property markets plummeting - Bustling office districts A look at successful office districts with an urban feel - The euro falters The impact of exchange-rate fluctuations on investors
places&spaces 01/2015

places&spaces No 01/2015

Early bird:Why it is worthwhile to invest in hotel projects - Premier league: What unites the office cities of London, New York and Tokyo - Constant flow: How data management fits into the real estate business - Bridging the gap: The strategies property investors follow to balance security and risk


Places & spaces from 2014

places&spaces 01/2014

places&spaces No 01/2014

Growth markets:Which Asian countries are attracting investors’ interest - Customer magnets:How owners make their shopping centres future-proof - Forecasts:How researchers detect dangerous price bubbles in the property market


Places & spaces from 2013

places&spaces 02/2013

places&spaces No 02/2013

Topics: Investors’ favourite - Logistics properties are turning into an asset class of their own. Hopes for a recovery - How Spain, Italy and Ireland are tackling the effects of the crisis

places&spaces 01/2013

places&spaces No 01/2013

Topics: Constant change:What real estate companies can learn from industry - Worthwhile investment: How budget hotels win over guests and investors - History with a future:Why it pays to invest in older buildings,and how to make them fit for new purposes


Places & spaces from 2012

places&spaces 02/2012

places&spaces No 02/2012

Topics: Credit remains tight: Europe’s real estate investors are seeking new financing partners - Lucrative storage facilities: Logistics properties win over professional investors with attractive yields - American prospects:The property markets in the USA and Canada have bottomed out, and South America is catching up


Places & spaces from 2011

places&spaces 02/2011

places&spaces No 02/2011

Topics: New arrival - Poland’s investment markets are establishing themselves; Making the switch - More and more companies are opting for green electricity; Scope for - Property developers and investors find new ways of collaborating projects
places&spaces 01/2011

places&spaces No 01/2011

Topics: Reliable:Germany offers security for real estate investors - Exemplary: Hotel operators and investors forge an environmental alliance The core of a market: Everyone is talking about core but every investor defines the term differently


Places & spaces from 2010

places&spaces 02/2010

places&spaces No 02/2010

Topics: Demography - How population trends impact on property markets - Tenant loyalty - How landlords seek to convince their clients- At the heart of Europe - Paris is Europe’s number one office location, making it twice as hard for other french regions to compete with the capital
places&spaces 01/2010

places&spaces No 01/2010

Topics: Confidence -US market at a turning point - Ray of hope - Sustainable energy concepts - Building bridges - Investors and property managers pull together in the crisis


Places & spaces from 2009

places&spaces 02/2009

places&spaces No 02/2009

Topics: Sustainability - Economically advantaged- Property valuation- The method debate is a mock battle- Modern marketplaces - Shopping centres need to offer shopper experiences if they are to attract customers and investors
places&spaces 01/2009

places&spaces No 01/2009

Financial crisis - Property industry facing the consequences - Raising the curtain - Transparency has become an advantage in competition - Slowdown - The financial and economic crisis puts a brake on growth in Central and Eastern European property markets


Places & spaces from 2008

places&spaces 02/2008

places&spaces No 02/2008

Financial Crisis - New strategies are needed - Airport Cities - When airports become places to live and work - In Flux - The Japanese property market holds both opportunities and risks
places&spaces 01/2008

places&spaces No 01/2008

MEGA-SECTOR-LOGISTCS - How property investors are profiting from worldwide growth - SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS - Why certification systems are setting new standards- NORDIC COOL - Why Scandinavia is attracting attention,from international property investors


Places & spaces from 2007

places&spaces 02/2007

places&spaces No 02/2007

SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENTS- Why the real estate sector needs to set new benchmarks DEMOGRAPHICS ANDOUTSOURCING- How the demand for office space in Germany is set to change FINANCIAL ENGINEERING- How open-ended real estate fundscan optimise their returns
places&spaces 01/2007

places&spaces No 01/2007

FLOURISHING MARKETS - Why Asian metropolises are attracting international investors - BUILDING SKYWARDS - Why the high-rise boom is still far from over - GLOBALISATION - Why capital and property markets are growing closer together


Places & spaces from 2006

places&spaces 02/2006

places&spaces No 02/2006

BREAKTHROUGH IN THE CITY- Why London's skyline is about to radically change- IN TRANSITION- Why quality of life is essential for urban districts- NEW CONFIDENCE- Why open-ended real estate funds are back in demand
places&spaces 01/06

places&spaces No 01/06

SHOPPING AS AN EVENT- How the retail trade catersto changing consumer behaviour - MAPLE LEAF COUNTRY - Why Canada is of interest toforeign investors - DIFA ROUNDTABLE - More and more real estate investors are thinking globally
RAUM&mehr - Spezial Januar 2006

RAUM&mehr - Spezial Januar 2006

Sonderausgabe zum Thema Investmentkultur- Europäische Vielfalt - DIFA veröffentlicht Studie zur Investmentkultur in Europa - Boomende Märkte - Immobilieninvestments in Europa brechen alle Rekorde - Im Interview - RICS-Präsident Steve Williams über Mentalitätsunterschiede

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