6.9 bn. € hotel property assets (including mixed-use with hotel usage)
15 % proportion of real estate assets
21,945 number of rooms
10 national markets - hotel
46 hotel brands worldwide
90 hotel properties worldwide

Hotels are our core specialism

Union Investment is a leading European investment manager in the hotel real estate market. We currently hold 90 hotel property assets in our actively managed portfolio and are also pursuing a clear growth strategy outside Europe. Our success is based on our in-depth expertise in both the hotel sector and the real estate industry.

A portfolio of 46 well-known hotel brands

The hotel properties and development projects held by Union Investment have a total value of EUR 6.9 billion (including mixed-use with hotel usage). On the acquisitions side, we benefit from a broad range of funds with a key focus on hotels. These include open-ended real estate funds for private or institutional investors and special funds. We currently work with 46 high-profile hotel brands around the world, from the budget to upscale segment.

UII Hotel Nr. 1, our dedicated special fund exclusively for hotel properties, underscores our proven expertise in this area. The fund was established in 2013 and targets the fast-growing budget and mid-range hotel segments.

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Strong international growth

Union Investment has been investing in hotels for over 40 years, with Europe accounting for the bulk of our international hotel portfolio. In 2015, we began acquiring hotel properties in the US – and have been highly successful. Other overseas markets may follow in the future.


Experts in complex contract structures

No two hotel investments are the same. Different contract parties and country-specific features need to be taken into account in every hotel property transaction. Union Investment has solid expertise across all types of contracts and Agreements.

Andreas Löcher

“Different partners and operator concepts call for different approaches to each individual transaction. Our experience and expertise also allow us to structure complex deals.”

Andreas Löcher, Head of Investment Management Hospitality

Across the world, hotel chains are looking to minimise their operational risk. We meet this need with innovative solutions such as hybrid or sandwich leases – often in conjunction with franchising agreements. With our strong focus on finding successful solutions, we bridge the gap between UK/US management contracts and continental European leases.

Asset management and investment management under one roof

Union Investment has dedicated specialist teams for asset management and investment management of hotel properties. These teams have in-depth knowledge of both the hotel world and the real estate sector. Our experts are thus able to provide professional and knowledgeable support on all issues.

An- und Verkauf Hotel

Acquisition and sale of hotel properties

Interested in our criteria for acquiring and selling hotel properties? Want to get to know our investment management team for the hospitality segment? Then read on.

Bestands- und Mietermanagement Hotel

Property and tenant management for hotels

Union Investment manages hotel properties and their tenants over extended periods. Find out more about our active asset management approach and your dedicated contacts here.