46.8 bn. € total real estate assets
493 properties worldwide
26 national markets
2.4 bn. € acquisition volume 2022
192 mn. € sales volume 2022
57 % international real estate assets

Coherent strategy for long-term success

As one of Europe’s leading real estate investment managers, we follow a clearly defined strategy. On behalf of our investors, we strike a balance between caution and risk, and are committed to creating a broadly diversified portfolio – both in terms of geography and property types, with investments spread across the office, retail, hotel, logistics and residential segments.

Union Investment has a distinctive investment style that shapes all our transactions. Transaction partners value our collaborative approach and reliability. Our conservative risk strategy means that we focus primarily on core and core plus investments.

Exploiting the available options worldwide

Union Investment divides the global property market into three regions: Germany, Europe and overseas. We are currently invested in 26 countries across four continents and intend to further increase this diversification. Our global investment footprint reflects the broad investment remit of our funds.


Investitionsstandort Deutschland

Investment in Germany

With over 50 years of investment expertise, Union Investment's real estate segment has exceptionally strong business contacts across Germany. We invest in all of Germany’s prime locations, and in many cases have done so for decades.

Investitionsstandorte Europa

Investment across Europe

Union Investment is one of the largest real estate investment managers in Europe. Our funds hold properties in 19 European countries. We pursue a specific risk-adjusted strategy in each target country.

Investitionsstandorte Übersee

Investment overseas

With its own offices in New York and Singapore, Union Investment has been operating successfully in the American and Asia-Pacific markets for many years. Overseas properties make up around 20 per cent of our entire property portfolio, with this proportion set to increase in the coming years.

Range of property types

In line with our aim of diversifying our real estate portfolio, we currently invest in the office, retail, hotel, logistics and residential segments. In most cases, our real estate funds contain a range of property types. We also offer special solutions with a focus on a single property type, e.g. for institutional investors.


Büro New York

Office properties

The bulk of our portfolio is made up of office real estate. We engage in both small-scale and high-value transactions.

Hotel Andels Berlin

Hotel properties

We have steadily increased the proportion of hotels in our portfolio in recent years. Today, we are one of the most active hotel investors worldwide.

Shopping Ryviera Gdynia

Retail properties

In Europe and overseas, we focus on the entire spectrum of retail properties: from retail/commercial properties and shopping centres through to retail parks.

Logistik Amazon Bad Hersfeld

Logistics properties

For many of our funds, logistics properties represent an attractive addition to the portfolio.

Residential properties in Europe

Residential properties in Europe

Since 2019, we have been increasing our focus on raising the share of residential investments in selected European core markets for our retail funds.

Current areas of focus in our investment strategy

Union Investment regularly analyses key market movements and proactively takes them into account in its investment strategy. Areas of focus include monitoring emerging markets, pursuing the diversification and internationalisation of the portfolio, and investing in promising development projects.

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

The international property markets are constantly changing. Union Investment closely monitors these global changes in order to identify promising emerging markets and exploit attractive opportunities at an early stage.

Emerging markets are very diverse and include strongly performing submarkets in Europe, secondary locations with good prospects in the US and new national markets offering exciting opportunities. Our international teams also invest in real estate in emerging growth regions.



Union Investment already manages a broadly diversified real estate portfolio. The diversification by usage class and country markets is directly derived from the profiles of our open real estate funds and special funds.

Hotels in the USA, retail properties in Poland or office buildings in Japan – diversification is a core ongoing process in our business model that we work hard to drive forward. In this way, we ensure the best possible investment options for our funds.



Union Investment is a leading European real estate investment manager with strong German roots. Through an accelerated internationalisation of our portfolio, we have increased the share of our real estate assets outside Germany to almost 60%.

We are consistently continuing this internationalisation in order to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities in the world’s most important real estate markets. To this end, we are striving towards further growth in Europe and in overseas markets, where our current focus is primarily on the USA, Mexico and the Asian-Pacific region.

Project developments

Project developments

With its own real estate project management team, Union Investment has particular expertise in the evaluation of the potential of real estate at the development stage and in skilfully conducting a new construction from conception to completion.

This expertise allows us to acquire real estate as early as the project development stage. Early purchase – either through payment of instalments to match construction progress or at the point of completion – generally allows for greater returns. Especially as we can also take on leasing duties with our Asset Management teams.



Our network of partners

Union Investment’s business model is built on a commitment to working in partnership. This approach defines the way we think and act. We engage with our many partners on an equal footing and work together to find constructive solutions. Our network of partners includes transaction partners, project developers, property managers, hotel and shopping centre operators and many more.

Find a contact now

Find a contact now

Want to find out more about Union Investment's real estate investment strategy? We are happy to provide an overview of dedicated contacts.

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