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  1. The number of properties shown here generally does not include properties under construction.

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Browse our global real estate portfolio of 440 properties. Currently comprising 83 retail properties, 52 logistics properties, 223 office properties and 80 hotel properties, plus some ancillary investment in residential properties, we offer our investors excellent, very well let and broadly diversified real estate portfolios. Office properties such as Watermark Place in London and 140 Broadway in New York account for more than half of our real estate assets. Union Investment aims to hold all office properties in its portfolio for extended periods and to maintain their value through active management. Thanks to our strong asset management team, we are able to continuously develop properties and ensure reliable long-term income.

  • Office Building Watermark Place London
    Watermark Place in London
  • office building 140 Broadway, New York
    140 Broadway office building
  • shopping centre Manufaktura in Lodz, Poland
    Manufaktura shopping centre Lodz
  • Amazon Logistics Centre Bad Hersfeld
    Amazon Logistics Centre Bad Hersfeld


Retail properties make up 27 per cent of the portfolio. This mostly involves office/retail buildings, retail parks and major shopping centres, such as Manufaktura in Lodz, Polen. In addition to a future-oriented real estate portfolio in Europe, we have also acquired a number of retail properties in the US and now hold retail real estate in 15 countries worldwide.

Expertise for hotel and logistics properties

Amazon Logistics Centre Bad Hersfeld
Amazon Logistics Centre Bad Hersfeld

At 16 per cent, hotels account for a significant proportion of our real estate assets. We have 37 well-known hotel brands in our portfolio, reflecting our established position as a leading hotel investment manager in Europe. Special fund UII Hotel Nr. 1 highlights our deep expertise in this area. Union Investment has been investing in hotel properties for more than 40 years. Logistics real estate, such as the Amazon Logistics Centre in Bad Hersfeld, comprises the fourth pillar of our portfolio. Logistics offers a good opportunity to broaden our portfolio, thereby making it more resilient. As the acquisition of the Logistrial portfolio demonstrates, logistics properties have become an attractive business segment for Union Investment.