• Urban Villas, Amsterdam

    Urban Villas, Amsterdam

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    Hyperion, Helsinki

  • The Pulse, Amsterdam

    The Pulse, Amsterdam

Residential property in Europe

In 2019, Union Investment began to build up a significant proportion of residential investments in selected European core markets for its open-ended real estate funds. The aim of this strategy is to contribute to long-term diversification and stabilisation of the funds' performance.

Rental flats remain attractive investment targets, as prices for residential property continue to rise, especially in the metropolises. The trend towards urbanisation and flexibility as well as more single households continues in many European countries and leads to a sustainable demand for rental housing, especially in metropolitan areas.

For us, the core markets for European residential investments are not only the Netherlands but also the Nordic markets, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, as well as Great Britain, Ireland, France and Spain. Our investment strategy is aimed at affordable housing for middle and upper income groups. When considering acquisitions, we give high priority to the sustainability and future viability of the individual properties. Project developments, forward funding or forward purchase transactions as well as existing properties of recent construction are of interest. Individual properties from 50 million euros and larger portfolios are acquired.

European core markets for our residential investment

  • Netherland
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Spain

Insight into our acquisition profile for residential properties in Europe

Four good reasons for residential investments in European core markets

  • Expansion of the investment spectrum
    Coverage of a wider range of types of use in the demographically strong metropolitan regions of Europe
  • Possibility of diversification
    Risk diversification through small-scale tenant base; low correlation to cyclical developments in the commercial real estate market
  • Resilient asset class
    Sustainable housing as a basic social need generates stable returns, even in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Long-term prospects for value growth
    Demographic factors and Europe-wide trend from home ownership to renting offer good prospects for value growth

More information

Micro Living

Micro Living

Union Investment is also involved in the micro-living sector, investing in both existing properties and selected project developments in urban locations.

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