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10.0 bn. € retail property assets
21 % proportion of real estate assets
88 retail properties worldwide
3,638 stores worldwide (+ 604 restaurants)
2.1 mn. sq m retail
16 national markets - retail

Investing across the entire retail property universe

Union Investment has been investing in retail property for more than 40 years. This category accounts for 21 per cent of assets under management. We invest across the entire range of commercial property types, from retail/office buildings and retail parks to major shopping centres.

Broad range of funds investing in retail property

Union Investment’s retail portfolio comprises properties worth a total of around EUR 10.0 billion. The 88 retail properties worldwide include Alexa in Berlin, Puerto Venecia in Zaragoza and Magnolia Park in Brest.

In the European retail sector, Union Investment is one of the largest real estate investment managers within its peer group. A strong, future-oriented portfolio comprising retail/office buildings, retail parks and shopping centres underpins our success. We also recently took the first steps towards creating a high-quality overseas portfolio in the retail sector by acquiring a number of retail properties in the US. Accordingly, we now hold retail real estate in 16 countries.

Expert retail teams

Extensive expertise is required to assess the long-term potential of retail spaces. Our dedicated teams reflect our high degree of specialisation in retail. The Investment Management Retail team combines a deep understanding of both the real estate industry and the retail sector. This allows Union Investment to make forward-looking investments and generate stable long-term income in the retail segment. We also manage a special fund, UII Shopping Nr. 1, which was launched in 2011 and invests solely in shopping centres across Europe.

You can find out more about our special funds here.

Ongoing property development with the right asset management

Most of our real estate funds for private and institutional investors hold retail properties in their portfolios or have them on their wish list. This results in a wide international investment remit and a formidable challenge in terms of asset management. Union Investment’s Asset Management Retail team is therefore in continuous communication with the tenants of each commercial property or the contracted property managers. This close involvement guarantees that the property meets very high construction standards right from the start and is strategically developed over time. In the fast-moving retail sector, these collaborative partnerships are key to delivering a fresh, compelling experience that engages customers and ensures that properties remain attractive and successful over the long-term.

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Our retail portfolio

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An- und Verkauf Einzelhandel

Acquisition and sale of retail properties

Interested in Union Investment’s acquisition criteria for retail properties? Looking for a dedicated contact person for transactions? Then read on.

Bestands- und Mietermanagement Einzelhandel

Property and tenant management for retail properties

Looking for a dedicated contact person for retail lettings? Want to learn more about our active asset management of retail properties? Find out more here.