Shopping in excellent locations

For a retail property to generate stable long-term rental income, the proposition must remain compelling and continue to excite customers. The Asset Management Retail team at Union Investment plays an active role here by maintaining a continuous dialogue with tenants or the third-party property manager.

Active asset management through a network of partners

Every retail property in the Union Investment portfolio has its own designated asset manager. In addition to ensuring the high construction quality of the property, the Asset Management team also stays in contact with tenants to develop properties on an ongoing basis. As part of its intensive commitment to shopping centres, Union Investment also works closely with major property managers while retaining strategic oversight.

Our extensive asset management expertise in the retail market even allows us to completely reposition a retail property. Similarly, the Asset Management team provides expert support for development projects.

Partnerships on an equal footing

Major retail properties in particular, such as shopping centres and retail parks, are dynamic marketplaces which are continually evolving as they seek to delight customers with new propositions. As part of its intensive commitment to its properties, Union Investment works closely with highly regarded property managers and other partners. Dialogue is conducted with all partners on a fair and equal footing.

Successful outcomes demonstrate the value of asset management

An extended shopping centre with a high occupancy rate, a completely repositioned store, and an online retailer leasing their first offline shop – Asset Management Retail is responsible for a range of success stories.

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    The Riem Arcaden StadtQuartier development in Munich is currently being extended by 18,500 square metres. Successful pre-letting is under way.
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    The Manufaktura shopping centre is one of Poland's leading malls. The Asset Management team ensures a broad tenant mix.
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    Fashion retailer Modehaus Reischmann is an institution in Ulm with its landmark store. The Asset Management team guarantees a high level of building quality.

Get in touch with our Asset Management team

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Lars Richter
Head of
Asset Management Retail

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Union Investment as a landlord

Signing a lease generally means committing for an extended period. Not just to the location, but typically also to the property, which is a key determinant of business success. We want our tenants to feel they’ve made the right choice. To help ensure that, we leverage more than 50 years' experience of managing commercial real estate and looking after tenants.