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April 2022
Union Investment opens a office in London and is responsible for the UK and Irish real estate markets from here.
Union Investment's digital ecosystems business model is taking shape. Union Investment Real Estate Digital GmbH was founded on March 31. As a first step, the company is creating a platform that improves the everyday life of building users - in their own fund properties and in third-party buildings - and paves the way to smart, intelligent real estate.
31 March 2020
January 2019
Real estate fund assets exceed the EUR 40 billion mark for the first time.
Residential fund Unilmmo: Wohnen ZBI breaks through the EUR 1 billion barrier 15 months after launch with 19,600 residential units.
November 2018
October 2017
Union Investment acquires strategic stake in proptech company Architrave.
Union Investment engages with the growing micro-living segment.
07 August 2017
01 August 2017
Launch of Union Investment's first open-ended residential real estate fund.
Innovation in the real estate industry: international Proptech Innovation Award launched. Union Investment and GTEC recognise the best startup ideas for the real estate world of tomorrow.
November 2016
31 August 2016
Immo KAG becomes Union Investment Real Estate Austria AG.
Union Investment launches thematic fund for campus properties.
1 August 2016
May 2016
Total assets under management in Union Investment's special and retail real estate funds exceed EUR 30 billion.
Aqua portfolio deal worth EUR 1 billion successfully completed. The sales package comprises 17 office properties totalling approximately 278,000 sq m of rental space across six Western European countries. The properties were selected from four of Union Investment's retail real estate funds.
January 2016
26 March 2015
Open-ended UniInstitutional German Real Estate fund grows to almost EUR 400 million.
Fund property granted World Heritage status: Hamburg's Chilehaus building recognised by UNESCO.
12 February 2015
50 years of real estate expertise -
Union Investment acquires first solar park in France for infrastructure fund.
30 April 2014
10 April 2014
Union Investment makes first investment in Australia.
Total assets under management in Union Investment’s fourteen real estate funds now exceed EUR 23 billion.
10 June 2013
Regulation gives rise to new product field.
Union Investment launches new open-ended real estate fund for institutional investors (UniInstitutional German Real Estate).
18 October 2012
01 October 2012
Union Investment launches special fund for renewable energy (UniInstitutional Infrastruktur SICAV-SIF infrastructure fund).
Union Investment publishes first comprehensive environmental assessment.
23 May 2012
07 March 2012
Total assets under management in Union Investment’s eight real estate funds exceed EUR 20 billion.
Well positioned for the future.
Expansion of institutional real estate business across four pillars.
Union Investment Real Estate acquires Euragone – new Paris-based subsidiary Union Investment Real Estate France SAS takes over asset management of the French property portfolio.
01 January 2011
12 August 2010
Union Investment Institutional Property GmbH relocates to Hamburg.
Assets under management exceed EUR 18 billion.
17 November 2009
01 September 2009
Union Investment Real Estate AG becomes Union Investment Real Estate GmbH.
DEFO - Deutsche Fonds für Immobilienvermögen GmbH is renamed Union Investment Institutional Property.
29 May 2009
19 February 2009
Assets in UniImmo: Global exceed EUR 2 billion.
Creating sustainable value in existing buildings.
Building a global hotel portfolio.
First office property in Tokyo for Union Investment – Union Investment Real Estate diversifies into Japan.
06 February 2008
14 January 2008
Union Investment Real Estate presses ahead with expansion strategy in Central and South America – Global fund acquires second office building in Santiago de Chile / Entry into Mexican logistics market.
Training by employees for employees.
01 April 2007
DIFA funds are renamed and now include their respective main regional investment focus in the name: DIFA-Fond No. 1 becomes UniImmo: Deutschland, DIFA-GRUND becomes UniImmo: Europa, DIFA-Global becomes UniImmo: Global and DIFA ImmoInvest is renamed ImmoInvest: Europa.
DIFA AG is renamed Union Investment Real Estate AG.
15 January 2007
New name, new opportunities.
As the first German property fund, DIFA-Global invests in South America, acquiring the 16-storey Birmann 24 office tower in Santiago de Chile.
January 2007
Measuring and managing sustainability effectively.
Realising potential par excellence – sale of the Bishopsgate Tower development project.
Maximising international effectiveness, maintaining customer proximity.
Market entry in Asia: DIFA purchases the Mobile Telekom Centre in Seoul/South Korea.
25 September 2006
The first portfolio deals: Pegasus & Co.
DIFA-Global exceeds EUR 1 billion in fund assets.
16 September 2005
April 2005
DIFA-Global invests in Latin America.
DIFA-Global exceeds EUR 500 million in fund assets.
17 January 2005
12 January 2005
Strategic entry into the Central European market: DIFA purchases an extensive portfolio stake in Hungary and the Czech Republic.
A European climate index for real estate investment.
Logistics properties offer attractive diversification opportunities.
Surviving industry crises – and translating them into new milestones.
01 May 2004
DomAquarée CityQuartier officially opened.
DIFA launches DIFA-Global with a worldwide investment remit.
01 April 2004
10 March 2004
Opening of the Riem Arcaden in der Messestadt CityQuartier, Munich.
Combined assets of both retail funds exceed EUR 16 billion.
27 February 2004
01 January 2004
DIFA legt den DIFA Immo-Invest – einen Publikumsfonds für institutionelle Anleger - auf. Im ersten Monat erzielt der Fonds bereits über 100 Mio. EUR an Mittelzuflüssen.
DIFA erwirbt mit „Les Grands Prés“ ihr erstes Einkaufscenter im Ausland.
January 2004
International investment objectives mark a new era for shopping centre segment.
The spectacular AquaDom is opened at the DomAquarée CityQuartier complex.
02 December 2003
December 2003
DIFA adds another prestigious property to its CityQuartier product line, the Fünf Höfe complex in Munich.
DIFA opens up the DIFA AWARD to international participants for the first time. The competition theme is revitalising urban quarters. The competition attracts 100 entries from 15 European countries.
September 2003
23 July 2003
Combined assets of both retail funds exceed EUR 15 billion.
Total assets of DIFA-GRUND exceed EUR 5 billion.
19 May 2003
February 2002
Foundation stone laid for DomAquarée CityQuartier in Berlin.
Combined assets of both retail funds exceed EUR 10 billion.
21 January 2002
Going global.
DIFA becomes part of Frankfurt-based Union Fonds Holding AG (now Union Asset Management Holding AG).
17 December 2001
30 October 2001
Work starts on the “StadtQuartier Riem Arcaden in der Messestadtâ€00009d development in Munich – with a budget of some EUR 500 million, the project is due for completion in spring 2004.
Construction begins in Berlin on DIFA’s DomAquarée CityQuartier.
March 2001
December 2000
Grand opening of the first DIFA CityQuartier, in Berlin. Representing an investment of around DEM 700 million, the Neues Kranzler Eck CityQuartier took three years to complete and has a gross floor area of approx. 70,285 sq m.
DIFA moves into new premises at Caffamacherreihe 8, 20355 Hamburg, Germany.
May 2000
Consolidation and focus – for the benefit of investors and partners.
DIFA starts publishing issue and redemption prices in euros.
January 1999
27 February 1998
Total assets of the DIFA funds amount to more than DEM 15 billion.
Construction begins on the Frankfurter Welle complex. With total investment of DM 1.3 billion and a gross floor area of approximately 100,000 sq m, the Frankfurter Welle CityQuartier is DIFA's largest investment to date.
29 September 1997
January 1997
DIFA website launched at
The DIFA funds’ real estate assets amount to DEM 5,553 million, comprising more than 1 million sq m of space.
30 September 1996
06 March 1996
DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 and DIFA-GRUND see total assets rise to over DEM 10 billion.
RAUM & mehr – an international real estate magazine since 1996.
01 April 1995
DIFA-GRUND celebrates its 10th birthday with total assets of DEM 1,776 million and a portfolio of 26 properties.
DIFA-GRUND exceeds DEM 1 billion.
05 January 1994
30 December 1993
DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 exceeds DEM 5 billion.
Combined assets of both retail funds exceed the DEM 5 billion mark.
08 September 1993
14 January 1993
Total assets of all DIFA funds reach DEM 4 billion.
12 January 1993
31 March 1992
Total assets of all DIFA funds reach DEM 3 billion.
From small-town Germany to world city.
01 July 1991
DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 celebrates its 25th anniversary.
Distribution payments for the 25th fiscal year for DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 (1990/91). In 25 years of fund activity distribution payments have totalled DEM 929 million.
28 June 1991
31 March 1991
DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 completes its 25th year.
DIFA celebrates its 25th anniversary.
17 December 1990
29 June 1990
Distributions of over DEM 100 million paid to investors in DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 with respect to the 1989/90 fiscal year – a new record.
Legislation to boost the competitiveness of Germany’s financial markets (Financial Market Development Act) comes into force, which includes legislation to implement the EC directive of 10 December 1985 (Investment Directive Act). This involves changes to key sections of the Investment Companies Act (KAGG). The most important change for open-ended real estate funds, which were previously restricted to investing in the Federal Republic of Germany, is the extension of investment opportunities to other European Community member states.
01 March 1990
31 December 1989
Today’s DZ BANK takes over as depositary for DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1.
Inception of DIFA-Fonds Nr. 3, a special fund for church pension schemes.
10 October 1989
30 June 1987
Combined assets of both retail funds exceed DEM 2 billion.
Change in ownership of the capital investment company – DIFA is now wholly owned by the FinanzVerbund der Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.
03 June 1987
01 April 1985
DIFA establishes a further open-ended real estate fund. This second retail fund is given the name DIFA-GRUND. Just one month after inception total assets amount to DEM 80 million. Today’s DZ BANK is appointed as depositary.
Total assets of DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 exceed DEM 1 billion.
16 March 1984
01 January 1981
Change in ownership of the capital investment company. The co op group ceases to be a shareholder. 50 per cent of the share capital is now held by what is today the DZ BANK and, for the first time, the central banking institutions of the credit cooperative movement. Cooperation with the FinanzVerbund der Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken alliance opens up unprecedented opportunities for marketing shares in the fund.
The name of the retail fund is changed to DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1.
23 June 1980
14 May 1980
The company now trades as Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG.
Transparency is crucial – throughout the entire acquisition process.
31 March 1977
Total assets exceed DEM 500 million; the number of properties rises to 104.
The fund’s portfolio stands at 30 complete properties and 20 sites either under construction or as yet undeveloped.
31 March 1970
Mastering the toughest discipline right from the start.
01 November 1969
An amendment to the German Investment Companies Act (KAGG) makes open-ended real estate funds subject to investment legislation. As a result, open-ended real estate funds are now the owner of the property assets and hold them in trust for their investors (effective as of 1 July 1970).
Fund investors are offered investment account management for the first time. At the same time systems are set up for receiving regular payments and for the automatic reinvestment of annual distributions.
01 August 1969
27 June 1969
The Deutsche Genossenschaftskasse (German Cooperative Bank, now DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank) becomes a shareholder.
At the end of the first (nine-month) fiscal year total assets are DEM 18 million, and the fund has a portfolio of 13 properties.
31 March 1967
01 July 1966
DIFA-Fonds Nr. 1 established as the first retail fund under the name “co op Immobilienfondsâ€00009d.
Investment company established in Hamburg under the name “co op Immobilienfonds Verwaltung AGâ€00009d. Its shareholders are the central institutes of Germany’s consumer cooperative societies and the BfG bank.
17 December 1965

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