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In good hands with Union Investment

Leases are usually long-term. Tenants normally commit themselves to a location, and often to a particular property, which becomes a key factor in their economic success. We want our rental partners to feel well taken care of, for which we bring 50 years of experience in managing commercial property and caring for tenants.

What you can expect from us

Union Investment’s real estate portfolio currently encompasses over 370 properties. Our properties are at the top of their markets. But without understanding local circumstances and tenant habits, even top properties at top locations can’t be competitive. Our team of rental experts and asset managers therefore works on location, assisted by big-name, powerful partners. That’s how we ensure long-term, balanced collaboration with our tenants. Here are the benefits:

  • Years of experience in managing properties and tenants
  • Large selection of top properties worldwide
  • Professionally managed maintenance and conversion work
  • Direct contact and balanced collaboration
  • A flexible approach to change requests
  • We work together with dependable property and centre management partners

We invest in the future viability of our real estate

Our property generates income that benefits investors in our open property fund. That’s why securing the future viability of our outstanding property portfolio is our top priority. We maintain the highest quality standards, including when we purchase a property – this applies to its location and architecture as well as its flexibility of use, technical engineering and energy performance. As an investor with plenty of equity, we don’t compromise when comes to maintenance and repair. We invest in major and minor work to keep our property attractive and suitable for the market.

Volker Noack
“We invest specifically in the sustainability of our buildings. That reduces operating costs and offers our tenants the greatest possible investment security.”

Volker Noack, Member of the Management Board

Individual solutions and global Standards

The users and the industries present in our properties are as diverse as the properties themselves. They range from regional retailers using 200 sqm, to an international group of auditors using 5,000 sqm, to a logistical company and corporation using several tens of thousands of square metres. We develop the right solutions for each business model and spatial need. Our tenants benefit from binding global standards of tenant management that apply to all of our locations and properties.


64.2 % proportion of certified properties
96.5 % overall occupancy rate based on rental income
358 properties worldwide
9,521 tenants worldwide
7.4 mn. sq m total usable space across all properties
122,047 sq m new lettings in 2019

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An eye on new user needs

User behaviour is becoming more and more diverse on account of new technologies and is subject to continuous change. That’s why properties that succeed today have to reinvent themselves all the time. Because our property portfolio is so international, we can recognise trends early and incorporate them into our properties. Many years of in-house project management expertise help us to achieve that.



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Digital technologies offer considerable potential for more efficient processes and new business models.


Project development

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Our buildings adjust to changed user requirements. Renovations and expansions are also part of our daily business.

Our tenants know us

Singapore works differently from Frankfurt, and Mexico City is not the same as New York. But all of our fund properties have one thing in common: their tenants are looked after by Union Investment and its external partners in compliance with a globally applicable standard. We’ve set up teams of experts with clear regional responsibilities so that they can respond quickly and provide our tenants with a direct line to us.

In Germany, where our property portfolio is especially diverse, we’ve set up a close-knit network for managing our tenants and properties. A team of asset managers and rental experts are ready to assist you at our company headquarters in Hamburg and our regional offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Munich.

Our European portfolio encompasses 13 countries and is managed by a regionally organised team from Hamburg who travel regularly around those markets. Branch offices in Brussels, Paris and Vienna bring us especially close to key markets.

Our international property portfolio in America, Asia-Pacific, Spain and Portugal is looked after by our Overseas Team. Experts at our own branch offices in New York City and Singapore know all about what our tenants need and about the micro and macro situations.

Succeeding with big-name Partners

We look after our rental partners directly in conjunction with high-performance external property managers and centre managers. Working in close collaboration, we pursue a joint objective: to expand the competitiveness of our properties. This benefits our investors and you as users.

Our tenants benefit because our carefully selected partner companies are nearby and can respond quickly with their in-depth knowledge. Our partners also contribute specialised expertise in the management of hotel tenants and retail tenants.

Example: managing tenants at CityQuartier DomAquarée

The famous DomAquarée building ensemble in Berlin-Mitte is managed by an experienced team of experts based right in the Quarter. The CityQuartier is managed by our external partner Bilfinger Real Estate GmbH. They give our office and retail tenants at DomAquarée help and support with anything to do with the building.


Our clients speak on our behalf

The quality of our asset management is regularly demonstrated by independent ratings. But what demonstrates our high quality standards just as impressively are our long-standing tenancy relationships with numerous big-name companies who operate their headquarters and major facilities at our properties.

Our office and logistical tenants include some big names. In the hotel sector, 30 of the world’s biggest hotel brands trust us as landlords. Some of the most successful brand manufacturers and some of the foremost emerging brands are present in our shopping centres. Small and medium sized companies contribute to our fund’s stable income situation. We aim to achieve a balanced mix of tenants in our properties, so that everyone benefits.


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