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Residential property as a new growth opportunity

Our open-ended real estate funds have traditionally largely comprised commercial properties. Offices, retail and hospitality are the dominant asset classes and we have been at home in these market segments for decades. Recently, however, we have begun to strategically develop our capabilities in the area of residential real estate. To create the right conditions for future growth, this strategy includes establishing long-term alliances with strong residential specialists.

Residential real estate across Germany

In March 2017, Union Investment agreed a strategic partnership with residential real estate specialist ZBI Zentral Boden Immobilien Group. Via the newly formed partnership holding company, Union Investment and ZBI have launched their first fund for residential real estate.

Unilmmo: Wohnen ZBI is an open-ended real estate fund targeted at private investors. The residential real estate fund is marketed exclusively through the cooperative banking network as an extension of Union Investment's existing Unilmmo product family. The Unilmmo: Wohnen ZBI investment universe comprises residential property of varying sizes and many different structures across Germany. The investment focus is on living space for the broad population.


Union Investment has long been active in the residential property market on behalf of institutional customers. In 2017, the first residential fund for professional investors with a focus on apartments, student accommodation and micro apartments was launched. In this context we concentrate on properties in medium-sized to large cities in urban settings, with good infrastructure and public transport links. The possible operator and contract models include long-term general lease agreements and short- to medium-term single lease agreements.

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Housing for students and young professionals is both scarce and in great demand all over the world. It’s therefore not surprising that more professional investors are entering this market. Find out more in our Places & spaces article.

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We are looking for attractive investment opportunities throughout Germany for our Unilmmo: Wohnen ZBI as well as in the micro-living market. Speak to our real estate acquisition experts.

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