Sustainability in the real estate sector

Sustainability is defined as the harmonious balance of economic, environmental and social factors. What does this mean for the real estate industry with its focus on the long term? What solutions does the industry have for making its activities as sustainable as possible?

Green Leases

Green leases: new standards defined

In autumn 2018, the German Property Federation (ZIA) published a new “Green leases for Germany” guideline. The document is an updated version of an existing guideline. It was drawn up by a project group consisting of experts from the real estate industry and is expected to have an impact both within Germany and beyond.

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Sensors create a sustainable digital office

 The proptech industry isn’t just about implementing technology in buildings. It’s a complex set of systems and principles that return the focus of buildings back to their inhabitants and increases their well-being while at the same time reducing costs for building owners and managers.

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  • Asset Management

    Sustainable Asset Management

    A strong asset management is the sustainable basis for rental income.

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    Current challenges

    Jan von Mallinckrodt reports on how Union Investment deals with challenges in the real estate industry and presents the company's solutions.

Brucklyn Erlangen

Climate neutral development: Brucklyn in Erlangen

Germany is aiming to make its building stock virtually climate neutral by 2050. In south Erlangen, the Jost Group is already making this vision a reality with its Brucklyn development. The 21,000 sq m living and working complex is scheduled for completion in 2020 and will deliver state-of-the-art climate neutrality. Digitisation of the residential and work areas is also a declared objective of the development.

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Climate action

Climate action as a driver of innovation

Germany’s climate targets for 2050 are ambitious. The aim is to make existing buildings nearly CO₂-neutral. Innovative solutions are helping major property managers recognise and actively manage the climate risks to which their buildings are exposed.

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Jan von Mallinckrodt

From smart home to smart office

 An essay by Jan von Mallinckrodt

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re!source annual conference 2020

The re!source Foundation is committed to accelerating resource transition in the construction and real estate industries. The Foundation will hold its next annual conference on 14 May in Berlin. Jan von Mallinckrodt, Head of Sustainability at Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, will be one of the speakers at the event.

DENEFF conference 2020

The German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF) is holding its 2020 kick-off conference on 24 March in Berlin. More than 300 attendees from business, politics, trade associations, science and the media will gather at the conference to discuss the theme of “Efficient energy transition 3.0”.

RICS Sustainability Forum 2020

The RICS Sustainability Forum 2020 will take place in Frankfurt on 5 March. The Forum is one of the most important platforms in Europe for discussing sustainability in the real estate industry. Union Investment will be actively involved in the “Sustainable investing” session.

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