Intelligent offices – the Sensorberg solution

Digital interaction between a building and its users: Sensorberg is turning this vision into reality with its innovative solution. At the heart of the concept is the human being, who is accompanied with an App, sensors and digital technology while being in the building, and who experiences the added value of such a smart space at various points.

Sensorberg's Smart Office solution is designed for people who spend most of their time in the building. The solution package consists of four components, which are connected with each other: aside from the App, these are e.g. intelligent locks for doors, gates, lockers, a network of different sensors and a virtual browser-based control centre, where owners and managers of the property can evaluate the collected usage data and assign access rights in real time.

Suitable for new builds and existing properties

The locks can be used in new builds as well as in existing properties. They communicate with the App to control access to the main entrance, the lift, the different floors of the building and to conference rooms and other areas. The app therefore works like a digital key, with different user permissions assigned individually and managed centrally.


Creating responsive green buildings

The intelligent access solution lays the foundations for a sensor network, which in turn fulfils a wide range of functions: for example, it helps users of the app navigate their way around the building, such as when they want to find a colleague’s office they have never been to before or to locate a meeting room that has just became free. The sensors also measure factors that are important for creating a comfortable working environment, including sound levels, lighting, temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity. The building independently regulates these factors so the users always find an optimal working environment. As a result, they are helping to implement a concept that Sensorberg calls the responsive green building.

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Reduce consumption costs, boost motivation

Sustainable operation of a property ultimately has a positive impact on employee motivation because the system provides tips on how working conditions can be improved or regulates these directly according to user preferences. It also reduces consumption costs, which benefits building users as well as building owners and managers. Sensorberg’s choice of Bluetooth 5 technology means that the sensors and actuators can be installed in the building independently of the manufacturer without any additional installation effort, such as additional cabling.


App creates a community

In addition to sustainable operation, the Sensorberg solution also helps to strengthen the sense of community within a property. Users receive important status updates via the app, and they can also use it to communicate with each other. This helps to ensure more efficient use of office space, among other advantages. In addition the employer has a direct communication channel with his employees via the App. Building owners and administrators can find out more about how their properties are actually used on a day-to-day basis thanks to the data collected for analysis in the control centre. This data also allows valuable insights to be gained for property management and asset management.

Outlook: planned expansion into hotel segment

Sensorberg’s solutions are currently focused on the three areas of smart office, smart living and smart storage. In addition to offices, the digitisation concept described above could easily be applied to hotel properties. The company is aiming to develop a product suitable for the hotel segment, and in doing so is also demonstrating the flexibility of its original smart solution. Sensorberg’s customers include Bauwens, Daimler, Factory, HRS and SAP.


Michael von Roeder

An article by:

Michael von Roeder, CEO at Sensorberg

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